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Hello everyone! I want to share with you all my hooping video I made last summer. I always say I’m a hooper, so I thought I’d just show you all what hooping is for me. (:

i think we should all be hoopers cause hooping reduces drama ♥

Posted: Wed February 27th, 2013 at 10:28pm
Tagged: neotag me not neopets
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    oh my god this is amazing
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    awesome video! i’d love a wide open space like that to practice. also, when the dog comes up and just stares at 3:08....
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    Where do you live!? That’s a beautiful view! And the hula hooping is pretty ballin’, too.
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    Omg are you a fucking wizard you’re my hero right now I can’t even hula hoop with one hula hoop.
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    OH MY GOD I didn’t know you could do so much with a hula hoop O__O Have you ever considered doing it with neon/glow in...
  17. usukiboy said: I WANT TO LEARN HOOPING im taking clowning classes right now and i suck at hand eye coordination though hahahaha
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